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Emotionally Preparing your Relationship for Parenthood

The moment we realize we are becoming parents, we go into stress mode, sometimes this includes a happy dance and other times it involves a moment alone in the bathroom/ garden or mountain top as we come to terms with this reality. We start questioning ourselves as to whether we can even be parents and then the prepping starts. We scrutinize over our finances, google baby-safe products, change our homes, shop, read up on parenthood and babies…our world changes. Almost every conversation either starts or inevitably ends with “the baby”.

The one thing we are not preparing, is our relationship. We need all the baby prep work, but we also need to emotionally prepare our relationship for one of, if not the most, significant and permanent change it’ll ever undergo. We are entering a world in which uncertainty, at least in the beginning, is the norm. We’ll constantly try our best, fail, try again, go through periods of sleep deprivation and irritability and do “the fairness check”, where we compare what each partner is contributing.

Our challenge becomes (1) keeping our littlee alive and well, and (2) redefining our relationship by creating ways to maintain the couple identity.

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Having The Talk before they can talk

The 1st 18-months of a child’s life is a critical time for learning about love and trust. This workshop has been created for parents-to-be and parents of 0-3 yr olds to lay a foundation for their children to develop a healthy sense of self, trust, bonding, acceptance and intimacy and paves the way for ongoing, open and honest communication around sexuality that is in line with your personal morals and values.

“The pleasure and comfort babies come to associate with our loving touch and our physical warmth and presence will become their first and most important lessons in human intimacy” – Roffman

This workshop covers:

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Porn Literacy

Assisting young people in understanding the context of pornography.

Why is it so difficult to talk about porn? Porn often elicits strong emotions, it’s difficult to broach the subject, maybe we’re afraid that we’ll open our children’s eyes to pornography if we start discussing it, as though they are ignorant of it. Pornography creeps into our children’s lives through a plethora of avenues and is unavoidable. We must therefore create an open channel of communication to discuss the variety of ways in which pornography influences our young people and provide them with tools to critically assess and navigate pornography. Porn literacy strongly relates to the larger subject of media literacy.

We want young people to look at media and porn and ask: how did it get like this, why is it like this and what does it mean that its like this?

It is imperative that young people look at porn and critically assess the imagery they observe. – Dr Marty Klein

This workshop covers:

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