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Lynett Olivier

Individual, Relationship & Sex Counsellor

With a compassionate heart and a wealth of expertise, I guide individuals and couples through the intricate landscapes of personal, relational, and sexual well-being. Here, amidst the complexities of human experience, you discover a safe space where healing flourishes, connections deepen, and transformation unfolds.

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Empowering You Towards Fulfillment and Wellness

My services encompass a range of offerings designed to support your journey toward holistic well-being. Whether you’re seeking guidance on individual challenges, navigating the complexities of relationships, or exploring aspects of your sexuality, our compassionate approach is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Relationship Therapy _ Lynett Olivier - Services

Relationship Counselling

Navigate conflicts, communication barriers, and sexual concerns to foster healthier, fulfilling relationships.
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Individual Therapy _ Lynett Olivier - Services

Individual Counselling

Address anxiety, depression, trauma, and life transitions with personalized support for emotional well-being.
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Sexual Counselling _ Lynett Olivier - Services

Sexual Counselling

Resolve sexual dysfunctions, intimacy issues, and trauma to enhance sexual health and satisfaction.
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Access Bars Therapy _ Lynett Olivier - Services

Access Bars® Therapy

Experience mental clarity, improved sleep, and reduced stress through gentle energy healing techniques.
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TRE _ Lynett Olivier - Services

TRE® (Somatic Trauma Release)

Release stress, anxiety, and trauma stored in the body to restore emotional balance and resilience.
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Hypnosis _ Lynett Olivier - Services


Hypnosis fosters relaxation, facilitating behavior and emotional change, complementing other therapies, and treating various mental and physical conditions.
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From relationship counseling to individual therapy and specialized sexual counseling, I’m committed to empowering you to lead a fulfilling and authentic life.

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Welcome, I'm Lynett

I'm not just a counselor; I'm a believer in the intricate complexity of human life.

Understanding that each individual is not only a separate entity but also influenced by their roles as partners, parents, children, and colleagues, I emphasizes the profound impact of self-acceptance and embracing one’s sexuality on overall well-being. With a deep-seated passion for guiding individuals and couples through their journeys of growth and healing, I recognizes that life’s challenges can resurface unexpectedly or linger unseen for years.

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MY BELIEF is simple yet profound

I view personal development as the key to unlocking fulfillment, benefiting not only the individual but also those they encounter. My belief is simple yet profound: every life holds value, and the pursuit of happiness is a journey worth embarking upon.